The Scheffer Group believes that the land is undoubtedly its most precious possession. We values the roots and recognize in nature the birth of its development. 

It is for this reason that a specific environment department was created in 2013. 

With the aim of ensuring the best care and greatest responsibility in each of our practices and on the impacts generated by them, this department is one of the main reasons for the success and reliability of the Group.

The list of actions and tasks carried out by this team is long and includes:

- Keep 100% of the properties in line with the legal requirements:

- Perform Legal Reserve compensation in order to reach 100% of our Environmental Assets. 

- Work towards recovering degraded areas by planting saplings of more than 30 native species;

- Designate areas for reforestation using species that permit thermal energy production used in grain dryers;

- Create new sustainable practices such as: reusable energy and saving and preserving natural assets. 

- Prioritize sustainable forest management aiming to protect the Legal Reserve, job and income creation by supplying raw material to the region and promoting respect for the environment;

- Establishing solid waste management programs such as selective waste collection and compost heaps;

- Revitalizing degraded proprieties that have been purchased promoting revitalization, legalization and establishing environmental protection standards in accordance with the most modern environmental practices in the country.  

- Soil maintenance using green coverage, using millet, brachiaria and crotalaria grass soon after harvesting the main crop to prevent erosion and soil degradation.

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