Soybean is an oilseed and one of the most used protein sources for the production of meat, eggs and milk, as well as raw material for derivative products and food. Brazil is the greatest world producer of the grain and Mato Grosso is the greatest Brazilian state soybean producer.


With 113 thousand hectares of planted soy, 20/21 harvest, we produce commercially standard soybeans, which can be used for the production of many products. We always carry out the direct planting practices and rotation culture, being the main ones: soybean-cotton, soybean-corn and soybean-cattle.


We count on a team of agricultural planning and invest in research and technology for the production of soy cultivation stronger and stronger and more profitable, and that results in a high-quality grain. Our job with soybean involves careful handling of the soil preparation, seeding, weed control, plagues (MIP) and diseases (MID); so that our product complies to the demands of the market.