Our livestock farming focuses on beef cattle. The activities are separated by regions located in the municipalities of Sapezal, Juara and União do Sul, in Mato Grosso. We farm with Nelore breed and other crossbreed animals in three stages: breeding, rearing and fattening. The animals are raised on pasture land which is not plowed and we use an intensive grazing finishing system (IGF) until they are ready for sale to meatpackers. Every animal is tracked using the SISBOV system (“Brazilian Traceability System for the Cattle and Buffalo Production Chain”) in order to provide better herd control..


We have adopted a replacement purchase system, including genetic replacement, whereby the breeding animals reproduce in the farm’s own herd with careful attention to the genetic and environmental origin of the animals. We also invest in new technologies including the choice of the type of pasture, the stocking capacity, genetics and animal nutrition. This provides greater care for the well-being of the animals, which is a major factor in terms weight gain and meat quality.


We use the crop-livestock integration system whereby each activity is aimed at achieving good soil, pasture and natural resource management practices whilst, at the same time, providing better animal welfare in order to achieve better yields. We work in a transparent way with regards to sanitary security, care for the environment and cattle origin, in order to ensure we meets the demands of the beef market.