Cattle farming

Our job with stockbreeding has as its focus beef cattle. So, everything we do in this area has as its line of operation the constant search of conciliating the good handling practice, the animal welfare and the preservation of the environment.


We perform with the systems of raising, reproduction and fattening, and the animal races of Nellore and Industrial Breeding are raised on pasture and in the Intensive Pasture Termination (TIP) system up to its end in the cold storage companies of the region. Our stockbreeders are separated by regions in the towns of Sapezal, Juara and União do Sul in Mato Grosso. All the animals are properly tracked through the Brazilian System of Bovine and Buffalo Identification (SISBOV) for the better control of the herd. In average, 20 thousand to 25 thousand heads/year are made available to the market according to the year plan.


Moved by an innovative spirit, we always seek to overcome the quality and the results from the animals. This way, we work to improve the system of reposition purchase, even the genetic that is reproduced with the matrixes in the farm’s herds. We are careful with the genetic background as well as the environmental background of the animals and treat them as producers that respect the environment. Beyond that, we constantly look for new technologies that aim at meeting all the demands: from the type of pasture, pasture capacity, genetics, nutrition, including the sanity of the animals.


We work with sanitary safety, environmental and cattle origin transparency to assure and comply to the demands the bovine meat market has.