We live in a time of environmental awareness.  A commitment to the sustainability and preservation of the environment. On the other hand, the rapid growth of the world population, which is becoming inversely proportional to the availability of the planet’s natural resources, obliges us to find solutions that enable us to meet the food demands with the required responsibility and commitment.  This is why the Scheffer Group invests widely in research and technology for the production of crops that are stronger and more lucrative in areas that are within all the environmental protection codes and which also have a high degree of quality. And this way we contribute to maintaining Mato Grosso’s position as the largest producer in Brazil and Brazil’s position among the main exporters in the world.

The Scheffer Group, with 78000 hectares of planted area, produces and sells two types of grain to the large trading companies in compliance with Anec 41: Type 1 standard for human consumption and Type 2 which acts the raw material for a number of other products.  

And so, the will to maintain excellence and the responsibility for our services is what drives us in our search for the agility and professionalism with which we make all our contracts.

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