With over 30 years of history, we have been growing and advancing sustainably, tracking opportunities and embracing the challenges which promote not only the company’s development, but the development of all of a market in food, dressing and other sectors which are directly impacted by our business in Mato Grosso, in Brazil, and in the world.

The focus of the activities is concentrated in the agricultural production of soybean, cotton and corn, including beef cattle, in approximately 225 thousand hectares of cultivated areas in 9 production units distributed in the states of Mato Grosso and Maranhão, also outside Brazil, with a branch in Colombia. Allying productivity to environmental productivity, Sheffer’s production units have more than 140 thousand hectares of native vegetation.

Furthermore, we have our own storage facilities, cotton gins and machinery, two management offices in Brazil: our head office in Cuiabá (MT) and our regional branch which is in Sapezal (MT), the town where the business was founded, and which collaborate with the whole company’s operation.

We are proud of our trajectory and of what we have built so far. But, most importantly for us, it is how we do all of it. By believing in innovation, in the power of the relations and the respect towards nature as an amplifier of consciousness, which made us invest in regenerative practices in our crops. This was possible through lots of research, development and training of our staff, besides the investment in structure, with the construction of a research lab and bio-defensive agents’ industry.

We are always in search for innovation and adding value to everything we do, and so we acquired the operation of a phosphorous miner, where we benefit the product in a 100% natural, without the addition of chemicals. By the addition of this operation, we incremented our agricultural production and reinforced the line which has as its objective the health of the soil and the care for the environment.

Besides that, we cultivate eucalyptus forests, which are used partially for the supply of the cotton gins and the warehouses and part of it is treated to be used in many structures, such as fences, pens and so on. The treatment for the structural use of the wood is made in autoclave within the Farm and this practice increases the wood lifespan.

We carry out direct planting practices, which assures a sustainable activity. Through them, it is possible to balance the temperature, increase the organic matter and keep the nutrients in the soil, as well as the water availability. Due to that, we promote an increase in the biological activity in the soil, with the trapping of the carbon in the soil, which avoids the excessive liberation of this gas into the atmosphere. We have in our purpose the permanent search for a more sustainable production, and we are in constant movement looking for new technological resources that add solutions to the demands of the market, always consciously, adding value to the productive chain and to the society in which we operate.