What we do

We are a strong and consolidated company focused on promoting excellence in agribusiness. That is how we define the Scheffer.

Our priority is on growing cotton, soybean and corn with 9 production units in the state of Mato Grosso making a total of 140.000 hectares of planted area adding first and second crops. And we also have dedicated cattle raising areas. This is our DNA, to work hard, to stay firm in order to add value to the land and ensure the availability of high quality products in the market.  

TScheffer's focus, in the long term, is to obtain ever greater return from each hectare/year. This is why we prioritize the results of each harvest opting for crop rotation of which the main ones are: Soybean-cotton, soybean-corn, soybean-pasture. And with this objective of getting greater return on our capital, the group works with a mixture of its own land and rented land in a proportion which maintains the groups solidity. 

We have four strategically located units in Mato Grosso and Maranhão, one being our head office in Sapezal, one in Sinop and another in the state capital, Cuiabá and one in Buriticupu. The offices in Sapezal and Sinop, due to their proximity to the production units, ensure greater agility in administration. The office in the state capital deals with the regulatory processes. This ensures the agile and uncomplicated issue of document and licenses and prevents bureaucracy from delaying the processes.  

We use the latest technology to widen our horizons. We ensure the implementation of the crops in a unique way, reducing the impact on the environment and raising our level of sustainability.  We work towards the construction of a healthy and ecologically responsible future.