Our history

Driving by  the spirit of enterprise, Mr  Elizeu Zulmar Maggi Scheffer came to Mato Grosso in the 80s together with his brothers to start a new story.

1983 was the year he rented the Iguaçu Farm in the town of Rondonópolis and farmed his first soybean crop in Mato Grosso territory.  He remained there for a decade planting and cultivating this dream.  

In 1993, his desire to have his own land led him to the town of Sapezal, deep into the interior of Mato Grosso. On seeing the land there, he felt that it was the place for him and he being to build up the Scheffer Group.

1983 - Elizeu Scheffer rents a farm in Rondonópolis – MT, at the time with his brothers as partners. Farming production was expanded to other towns. 

1993 - Elizeu Scheffer rents a farm in Sapezal, farming an area of 900 hectares.

1996 - Elizeu Scheffer buys his first farm of 1,600 hectares and becomes a pioneer in cotton production in the region, farming 137 hectares of cotton fiber.  

2010 – The Scheffer Group expands operations into the north of the state, acquiring a total of 23 thousand hectares. 

2011 – The Scheffer Group buys another farm in Sapezal – MT with an farmable area of 4.1 thousand hectares. Acquisition of 25 thousand hectares of land in União do Sul (Mato Grosso Staste), first acquisition outside Sapezal (Mato Grosso State).

2014 – The farming area increases to a total of 26 thousand hectares. The Scheffer Group administers 73 thousand hectares of farming area. Expansion of business activities outside Mato Grosso with the acquisition of 9.800 hectares in the city of Buriticupu, Maranhão;

2017 - First farmer of Mato Grosso to issue a CRA* worth of R$93 million, placing the Scheffer on the radar of international investors. *CRA (Portuguese acronym for Certificado de Recebíveis do Agronegócio, a kind of agribusiness fixed income security)