Our history began with the founders, Elizeu Scheffer and Carolina Scheffer, who migrated from the interior of Paraná to Mato Grosso in the 1980s. Scheffer's first farmed area was 400 hectares of soybeans in 1986. Ten years later, the founders pioneered cotton growing in the town of Sapezal with an initial area of 145 hectares. Cotton was a new crop with no previous growing history in that region.

The business is now run by the sons and daughter - Gilliard, Gislayne and Guilherme Scheffer - who continue the family legacy and maintain their parent’s innovative spirit by making the company one of the main farming producers in Brazil. So much so that we can now say that we are pioneers in large-scale regenerative production in the country and the first Brazilian agribusiness certified with the regenagri seal, for the use of Regenerative Agriculture practices.

Our focus is to become a company that uses 100% regenerative agricultural production in just a few years' time.