We are what we do. Having more than 30 years of history, we are proud to say that we started off as a family company by the founders of the company: Mr. Elizeu and Mrs. Carolina Scheffer. After that, with the birth of their children Gilliard, Gislayne and Guilherme, we developed our business towards the construction and production which manifest in the relationships with society and nature. And therefore, we have grown and today we are among the main producers in Brazil.

Working responsibly, we have achieved this position by putting into practice values such as respect, innovation and sustainability. For this reason, we are expanding even more, being always concerned with the business’s longevity and with the impact that we cause in society and nature.

Our team is made of experts and committed people who add value to each other and are engaged with the purpose that move them.

Our history is made of the production, the care for the soil and the responsibility for the future generations. We are present in their everyday lives; in our daily life and the choices we make.