We carry out our farming activities over more than 200 thousand hectares distributed among nine Production Units (PUs), seven of which are concentrated in Mato Grosso (in the municipalities of Sapezal, Campos de Júlio, União do Sul and Juara) and with one in Maranhão (Buriticupu). Since 2020, we also have a soybean and corn PU outside of Brazil in the municipality of Cumaribo, Vichada department, Colombia.


The PUs are conglomerates of farms and other facilities such as repair shops, laboratories, and ginning plants which are centralized under a single management setup.


We are always aiming to innovate and add value to everything we do. With this in mind, we acquired a phosphorus mining operation in the state of Pará where we process the product in a 100% natural way without the addition of any chemicals. This has meant that we were able to increase our agricultural production and reinforce other actions aimed at soil health and environmental care.

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We have also invested in the construction of a laboratory equipped to carry out research and to produce microorganism inoculums that are capable of combating pests and diseases as well as promoting plant growth.

Also, in order to ensure microorganism production at the scale required for all of our farmed areas, we built a biologics factory equipped with 28 bioreactors.




We reuse 100% of all waste through the Industrial Effluent Treatment Station (ETEI). The treated water is used to irrigate the gardens which are on the bio-factory premises. The solid residue is pressed and transformed into a new product, Biochar, which is used as a crop fertilizer.






We also have five cotton ginning plants where the cotton fiber is separated, cleaned and classed.

We have our own storage facilities which are monitored by highly trained technicians using a computerized thermostat system which ensures the integrity and quality of the stored products.


We also have a fleet of trucks and agricultural machinery, two administrative offices in Brazil – our headquarters in Cuiabá (MT) and our branch in Sapezal (MT), the town where the business was founded, – which work together to make the whole company function.