Cotton Gins

We count on five cotton gins, the cotton-processing capacity sums 800 tons/day, and modern equipment to gin the cotton, respecting the necessary rhythm, constantly focusing in preserving the quality of the fiber.


In the cotton gins, the cotton-processing takes place, which consists of the separation of the fiber of the cotton and its seeds keeping the intrinsic qualities of the fiber complying to the demands of the textile industry.




We count on warehouses with the storing capacity of 385 thousand tons of grains, 65 thousand tons of plume cotton and 85 thousand tons of cottonseed. Our warehouses are monitored by a computerized thermometric system and monitored by technicians who assure the integrity and quality of the stored product.



Bio-defensive Agent´s Industry

We have specialized teams that perform in the laboratory and in the industry of bio-defensive agents. They are staff members who work constantly in research for biological control and in the production of benefic organisms that contribute for a healthy agricultural production, with the reduction on the use of chemical products.


Having an industrial structure for the production and storage of the biological products, our industry of bio-defensive agents has two lines of production: one for fungus and other for bacteria. All of our production is made in the reactors with total quality control, which assures the safety of the staff members who work there, as well as it assures the quality of the product. The capacity of production of the bio-defensive agents’ industry meets all the company’s annual consumption, providing all the security to the consumer of our grains and fibers.