For us, the soil is an essential asset and our commitment to sustainability and good conservation practices is directly linked to our business and our aim to regenerate life on earth.  


This is not a random choice of our aim, rather it comes from the fact that when we talk about earth, we are talking about the soil and the people that inhabit our planet.


Our annual sustainability report is presented showing the results of our operations in Brazil in




We employ careful management practices which prioritize and maintain soil health.


The soil is the single most important element in terms of raising our planet´s environmental resilience which, in turn, means greater social development.


It is responsible for providing us with the necessary conditions to produce food, textile fibers and many other inputs.The soil performs numerous, valuable functions that are essential in agriculture:



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Our growth and development path is built together with a team of committed and talented people, willing to deliver much more than results. We ended 2021 with 2,490 employees, most of which, 2,059 professionals, directly hired.

We promote an ethical, inclusive, safe and innovative work environment. Also, we provide continuous development of behavioral and professional skills for our leaders and employees. We invested in mandatory and nonmandatory training and in education assistance to employees;





We have adopted a modern, decentralized management model with a participatory approach, based on values and organizational learning, and in 2021 we launched our Code of Ethics together with our Integrity Policy and Supplier’s Manual.

This way, we can show our employees and suppliers the emphasis we place on all the policies adopted by Scheffer, thus promoting integrity as a value to guide behavior and decision-making by employees and other stakeholders in the company's internal and external relationship networks. This enables continued compliance with laws and also ensures that a culture of integrity that values ethical behavior is maintained.


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As a way of attesting to our good practices and working on the continuous improvement of our activities, we have over the years sought relevant certifications for our productive and socio-environmental performance.;




regenagri Program

Adopting and improving regenerative agricultural practices made us the first company in Brazil to have a farm certified by the regenagri program which follows Control Union's international criteria.





Responsible Brasilian Cotton (ABR)

Developed by the Brazilian Cotton Growers Association (Abrapa), this aims to promote the sustainability of Brazilian cotton growing. ABR works towards ensuring a continuous and progressive evolution of good social, environmental and economic practices towards more sustainable cotton production in Brazil.




Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

BCI is an international non-profit organization, working to improve the world's cotton production. Among the operating principles prioritized by the institution are: continuous improvement of good production practices, fair labor relations and market transparency and cotton traceability.




3S Cargill Program

The 3S Program – Sustainable, Sourced and Supplied (for the soybean chain) is a complete platform for agricultural, environmental and social management, which allows agribusiness companies to manage their properties and control their production in a practical, responsible and transparent way. The objective of the program is to engage companies and rural producers in a process of continuous improvement, promoting a sustainable development of soy production.







Internacional Cotton Association – ICA

This Cotton Trade Association is the global arbitration organ. It represents all parts of the supply chain - buyers, sellers, producers, spinners, traders, agents and related businesses.





Textile Exchange

This is a global non-profit organization that develops, manages and promotes a set of standards of excellence for the textile chain.