The regenagri is a program developed in June 2020, which follows international criteria from the Control Union certifier and performs as a program for continuous development to implement and follow good practices in regenerative agriculture, assessing the environmental background and assuring that the products are cultivated sustainably, in addition to improving actively the health of the soil with the good regenerative agricultural practices. With that, the objective is increasing the organic matter of the soil, the biodiversity, trapping of carbon and improving water management, assuring the health of the land and care for those who live on it.

Currently, the Três Lagoas Farm, in Sapezal (MT) has been awarded the regenagri certification. Moved by our purpose, our team of collaborators work to develop techniques and expand the regenerative agriculture to every company’s production units.

Better Cotton Initiative (BCI)

Our production of cotton is 100% certified by the Better Cotton Initiative (BCI). BCI is an international organization without profiting purposes which operates to improve the world production of cotton. Among the principles of operation that the institution prioritizes are the continuous improvement of good production practices, fair work relationships and market transparency and the cotton tracking.

Brazilian Responsible Cotton (ABR)

The program Brazilian Responsible Cotton (ABR) is developed by the Brazilian Association of Cotton Producers (Abrapa) and envisages to promote the sustainability of Brazilian cotton culture. The ABR operates so that there is a constant and progressive evolution of the good social, environmental and economic practices in support of a more sustainable production of cotton in Brazil.