The Scheffer aims for excellence in all its activities but always maintaining its responsibility to the environment and society.  For us, growth means, above all, a commitment to the well-being of the world around us.  We act as an instrument of change in the construction of an aware and responsible society.

That’s why the Scheffer takes a clear position and actions that ratify it values: 

- Banning all child labor, slave or slave-like labor;

- Banning all kinds of degrading or undignified labor;

- Requiring formal labor contracts with fair remuneration;

- Freedom to join unions;

- Financial transparency;

- Respect and Protection of the environment;

 Supporting socio-environmental projects that lead to human development.

And it is for these and other reasons that we have received recognition in the form of important certifications that value our action:

The cotton produced by the Scheffer is certified by the Social Compliance Seal.  The Seal is awarded by the Instituto do Algodão Social (IAS) in partnership with the ABNT (The Brazilian Association of Technical Standards) through its Socially Correct, Child and Slave-labor free Cotton Farming certification.  

The Seeding Well (“Planting Well-Being”) prize was awarded for out action in the development of projects that encourage sports, leisure and good health.  And the “Socially and Environmentally Responsible Company Certificate” was achieved for proving quality of life to its staff,  their families and the surround community.