Applying more balanced farming practices, focusing on soil health and business longevity, is what motivates us. And so, in 2015, we began to transform our farming areas starting with regenerative farming of 400 hectares. These areas were consolidated following intense studies, research and support from renowned microbiologists and specialists. The process gradually evolved and by the end of 2021, we reached a total of 4,055.65 hectares of certified regenerative areas. This achievement relied on the support of technological resources and an interdisciplinary team dedicated to researching and performing the technical feasibility studies with a focus on seeking biological alternatives to be used in Regenerative Agriculture.


A set of actions that restore soil health and biodiversity, creating more resilient plants as well as contributing to carbon-negative agriculture



This is the way to create the necessary conditions for the microorganisms present in the soil to act in favor of crop development and contribute to growing healthier plants.

Farming practices that create regenerative systems are becoming increasingly widespread around the world because of a number of benefits:







Regenerating the soil provides a better impact for everyone:

from soil life to people, business and to planet as a whole.


With the implementation of this farming model, we can see that our future, in terms of fiber and grain production, needs to become increasingly more sustainable. This is why we stay focused on studies and research that make biological alternatives technically and economically feasible. To achieve this, we have a research development laboratory and biologicals factory that meets the needs of all our production. In addition, there is an interdisciplinary team composed of highly qualified specialists in soil science, agronomic engineering, biotechnology and bioprocesses, biologists, production engineers, agronomists, researchers and agricultural technicians to name just a few.


Among the practices that are applied at our production units are: